Recently, the business competition always has high common competition, so management must always show their maximum efforts to make their activities to be existing, effective and efficient. One strategy which might be done is stay focus on its business care therefore the company would have to look for and find partners that could be the right colleague in order to win the competition to become Market Leader.

  Our Story

Company team

Our Vision

Being the best firm of management & Human Resouces Counsulting in Asia region. 

Company team

Our Mission 

Providing high commitment & continuous improvement solutions and professional services in order to maintain and improve the quality of service to thee shareholders and costumer satifavtion.

Our Client

Until Desember 2019, we have served more than 500 companies, most of them located in industrial estates at Bekasi and Karawang area and few more is spread within Jakarta and west java area

Professional Team


Established, Lead and Managed by a practicioner and academic ih HR Development and supported with team member with competency in each field. Also with a strong and large network, we are confident to be able to become a professional business partner for your organization.

In-House Training

Q.one Consulting offers you training program for employee development for the soft skill, hard skill, and in-house training program. with identification and subject analysis before training implementation.

Psychological Test

We offer to the client to hold the psycological test both for the candidates or employee in oder to identify the employee competency in your organization.

Public Training

Q.One Consulting offers  Public Training Program for Human Resources Management System, Including  Organisation Development and People Development and Leadership Development

Executive Search & Selection .

Q.One Consulting has a special copability to search and select the candidates for level both blue collar and white collar (Worker, Staff, Supervisor, Manager, General Manager, Director). Q.One Consultingis managed by professionals in the field of Human Resources which is connsidered to be more understandable the needs of every organization. 

HSE Training & Consulting .

LenteraSafety provides services in training related with occupational, health and safety. With this service, we are ready to assist your company in reaching improvement of production performance and guiding your company to manage risk of safety, health, and environmental for consistently and continuosly achieving the good of organization