Executive Search And Selection


Managerial position has an important role in the company target achievement. They, the leaders in the organization, have a responsibility to implement their business strategy with the team, in order to reach the goal stated by the company.


Q.ONE Consulting has a special capability to search and select the candidates for level both blue collar and white collar (Worker, Staff, Supervisor, Manager, General Manager and Director). Q.ONE Consulting is managed by professionals in the field of Human Resource which is considered to be more understandable the needs of every organization.


Recruitment Flow

Our Placement Fee

Staff to Manager Level Our fee is 18% x 13 Months Salary ( Basic Salary + fixed allowances). With Minimum Fee is IDR 5,000,000.00/ position

Worker with licensed (Forklift, Welder, etc)

High school with administration skills (PPIC, computer, etc)
Our fee is IDR 1,000,000.00/ employee
Worker Our fee is IDR 400,000.00/ employee


Our Address:
Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani,
Bekasi 17144.
(021) 2925 7651 - (021) 9126 5013
Fax. (021) 2925 7652


Q. One Consulting, a management consulting firm of Human Resources with IT based services such as :

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