Historical of Q.One Consulting

Q.One Consulting is PT. Mitra Sinergi Internasional’s service brand which enggaged in Human Resources Consulting services. Established in 15 November 2010 by a senior HR practitioner, Q.One Consulting began to focus on services of Executive Search and Selection and Interpreting & Translating.

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Managerial Skill

Communication Skills

Human Resource Management

Productivity & Operation Management

Management System

Training Program Development

Training Program Development

To win the competition is an absolute goal to make our business grow up more and more. For that reason then potency of our human resource must be developed and improved..
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Executive Search And Selection

Executive Search And Selection

Managerial position has an important role in the company target achievement. They, the leaders in the organization, have a responsibility to implement their business strategy..
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Psychological Test

Psychological Test

It is important to understand competency possessed by employees. Organization can easily put employee in to an appropriate place according to their capability and skill including to the level of position..
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Overview LenteraSafety

LenteraSafety is a Perusahaan Jasa Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (PJK3) that focus on K3 trainings with training certification from Kemenakertrans and Lentera Safety itself.

LenteraSafety operates under SK Menakertrans RI No. SKP. 26/DJPPK/PJK3/II/2013 Tanggal 15 Februari 2013 Tentang Penunjukan PJK3 Bidang : Keahlian K3 dan SMK3. The grand opening was held on 13 May 2013.

We have conducted several training both for Kemenakertrans certification and Lentera Safety certification,

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Q. One Consulting, a management consulting firm of Human Resources with IT based services such as :